Discover The Treasures Of Hong Kong & Taiwan

Uncover the hidden gems of Hong Kong & Taiwan. Along this insider’s journey, you’ll follow a local guide to experience the sights and sounds of the best that these two cities have to offer.

Hong Kong welcomes travellers with its iconic, skyscraper-studded skyline–the city lights and bustling streets teeming with excitement. Discover The Treasures Of Hong Kong as you wander through this vibrant city.

  • An insider's guide to dining–we're taking you to the city's top picks
  • See Hong Kong’s living culture on a TramOramic Tour or enjoy spectacular views from Victoria Peak
  • Venture into bespoke tailors, and shop at local markets

Experience a city on the verge on this guided tour of buzzing Taipei and the picturesque coast of Taiwan.

  • In the city: night markets, busy shopping streets and an up-and-coming culinary scene
  • Outside the city: Sun Moon Lake, the sacred Wen Wu Temple, and the shores of the eastern coast lined with coral reefs and unspoiled wilderness

From Hong Kong to Taiwan, find the secret doorways to the city's greatest spaces.